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Hypnosis to Quit Smoking – Hypnosis Quit Smoking Techniques May Be For You

As we all know, smoking is an addiction. Most people who have tried to break that addiction end up right back to smoking again because it is so hard for them to think of not having that cigarette. There are different remedies to help you quit, but if you have tried the “patch”, gum and other medications, you might want to consider hypnosis to quit smoking.

Hypnosis is a lot simpler than most think it may be. Hypnosis is a treatment that starts when someone is putting your mind into a deep state, which is called a trance. When your mind is in a trance, the person who is performing the hypnosis will be giving your subconscious ideas or suggestions on what to do. For example, someone could say “I do not want to smoke anymore.” When you are out of the trance and awake, you will be pleasantly surprised to feel that you don’t want to smoke anymore.

When you use hypnosis to quit smoking, it will help prevent you from taking any potentially addictive medications. It is completely safe and there are no side effects to it. Many people have used this technique and it has done wonders for them in their goal to stop the habit of smoking. Hypnosis has been around for hundreds of years and has done wonders for millions and it can work for you too.

Pill to Stop Smoking – Is it Good Or Bad For You?

Is there a pill to stop smoking? There are many drugs available, such as Zyban or Chantix, which are advertised as simple remedies to quit smoking. However, you have to try them and face the associated side effects to see whether these drugs can really kill your urge for nicotine.

Nicotine causes specific chemical reactions in your body. These drugs should cause similar reactions to get you the same upbeat feel when you smoke. They should restrict bad effects of nicotine. Only then, these pills can prove effective in overcoming your smoking habit.

You should take these pills twice a day and should start a week before stopping smoking. This acclimatizes your body to the approaching change. You should stop smoking only in the second week of pill intake. You should be careful not to miss a single dose.

You should continue these pills for eight to twelve weeks for a complete treatment. However, stop smoking pills control your urge for smoking but only at the cost of serious side effects. These drugs have serious side effects like insomnia, vomiting, nausea, headaches, body pain, and others.

If you have:

o Stomach disorders

o Bronchitis problems

o Depression or seizure disorders

o Are pregnant or lactating

o Planning for pregnancy

o Are already on other prescription medications for heart and liver problems

o Are on dialysis or have any kidney-related ailments

o Are on insulin or asthma medications

You should not take these medications. They aggravate your ailments and your health deteriorates. You are also unable to quit smoking.

A pill to stop smoking may spell more harm than it does any benefit. Sometimes, you start smoking again with greater vigor. Instead, opt for natural cures to overcome smoking like NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming. It is a completely natural stop smoking that has a 97.2% success rate with none of the side effects associated with Medications.

NLP is a branch of psychotherapy that has been around for years. It is more effective than a pill to stop smoking because it targets and removes the craving to smoke. Its benefits can be gained in your own home through the use of a simple audio recording.

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Quit Smoking Hypnosis – One Of The Ways To Quit Smoking

Quit smoking hypnosis can help you to stop a potentially dangerous habit. I will now do my best to enlighten you about this fascinating method and its possible benefits. So, take a deep breath and read on!

Why is it so difficult to quit smoking even if I want to?

Through conscious and repeated smoking, you have formed a subconscious habit. Now that you consciously want to quit smoking, you find that your subconscious is still programmed to repeat the habit when triggered by certain circumstances, thoughts or emotions. Hypnosis attempts to reprogram your subconscious to reject the smoking habit.

You are also addicted to the stimulant nicotine found in tobacco smoke. When you stop smoking your body will gradually get rid of the nicotine within a few days.

How does quit smoking hypnosis work?

Hypnosis puts you in a relaxed and focused state of mind where you are less conscious and your subconscious mind is more open to suggestion. Imagination and your senses play a big part in the process. If you can imagine it, you can believe it, and then you can achieve it.

How effective is quit smoking hypnosis?

Thousands of smokers have quit smoking through the power of hypnosis. Hypnosis is especially effective when dealing with addictive behaviors. Lighting up a cigarette, holding it in your hand and inhaling and exhaling the smoke can become a relaxing ritual. Hypnosis relaxes your mind and body while subtly changing your perception of smoking.

Where can I find quit smoking hypnosis help?

You have a number of options available:

1. You can search for hypnotists in your area which might assist you in your quest to quit smoking for good.

2. Search for recordings of a quit smoking hypnosis program available on cassette or compact disc.

3. Some internet merchants offer downloadable recordings in MP3 format.

What are the possible benefits of quitting smoking today?

* You can continue smoking while doing a quit smoking hypnosis program. You can quit when your subconscious attitude towards smoking has changed. That does not mean that you will experience no withdrawal symptoms. But your desire and willpower to quit smoking will be much greater.

* You can become healthier. Stop smoking and you can decrease your chances of having a heart attack, developing emphysema or lung cancer.

* You can save money. Depending on how much you smoke, you can save $400 to $800 per year. You could also be saving money on future medical bills.

* You can feel better, cleaner and more energetic. How much is that worth to you?

In conclusion, there is more than one way to quit smoking now. Quit smoking hypnosis is one way to achieve it. Remember that old habits, even if they die hard, can be replaced by new habits. If you wish, you can change your smoking habit and become a nonsmoker for life.